At Pinecrest Stables, the emphasis is on spacious living quarters - approximately 2500sqft per paddock - where horses are free to enjoy exhibiting their natural behaviours, within a safe environment. There are no electric fences here. Horses are highly social by nature (their survival depends on it!) and interacting with other horses on a regular basis has a balancing effect on their mental health. To mimic this, the paddocks are designed to facilitate social activity. You'll see horses nuzzle, sniff, groom and play with one another. The fences between adjacent paddocks provide a safe barrier for less dominant animals to walk away as needed. No matter where they are in their paddock or stall, they have the ability to see the other horses; a very calming experience for herd animals. If they want to express some of their energy or kick up their heels when they're feeling good, there is enough space for them to gallop around their paddock safely.

"Our Equine Massage Therapist sees my horse once a month for maintenance. At the most recent appointment, he pointed out to me that since the switch to the natural-inspired boarding at Pinecrest, my boy is the most relaxed and least tense he has ever been" (L, Horse-Owner)



The stalls are a roomy 12' x 12' approx. This allows the horse to roll in the stall, not just outside, turn around with ease and to have covered space for eating, sleeping and standing. One of the unique things about Pinecrest Staff, is that they have kindly agreed to fill slow-feed hay nets when the horse tenant needs one set up. This is even with the extra time and effort that it takes to fill the nets, and is of particular benefit to horses with Insulin Resistance, Equine Metabolic Syndrome and/or horses with Cushing's Disease, to name a few.

All of the stalls are made to be open-sided. As horses evolved as prey animals on the plains, having an escape route is vital to their feelings of safety and security. While we are humans enjoy having a "cave" (a bedroom in today's world) to cozy up and let our worries melt away, horses get that same feeling of relaxation by being surrounded with open spaces. Some stalls have been boarder-modified to be partially (but never fully) enclosed, for the horse's particular needs, but these sections can be removed. The result is that horses feel free to lie down in comfort and security, often even right after they move in to their new digs!


Hand-Grazing Field


Tack Rooms


Show Trunk and Tack Trunk Storage Space



Parking for Pinecrest Students/Boarders on property and overflow parking on the street. Parking is free for Pinecrest Students/Boarders and their equine healthcare professionals (vet, farrier, etc.)

Convenient space for farrier truck and veterinary truck parking right by horse stalls/paddocks


Other features

Generous alleyway for 2 horses and their handlers to pass by each other safely

Washroom on site

Two cross-tie stalls for veterinarian, farrier, trimmer, Equine Massage Therapist, etc. and Pinecrest community use (this is in addition to the convenient cross ties in each horse's personal stall)

Hot and Cold-water Tap (hose hookup for hot water in Winter) with a deep farm sink

Cold-water Hoses that span the length of Pinecrest Stables

Multiple mounting blocks on property

Plugs for charging phones and other devices

Freezer chest for chilling ice-boots

Multiple brooms, manure forks, wheelbarrows, rakes and shovels for Pinecrest community use

Multiple sizes of buckets for community use for mixing feeds