Locally Made Bulk Soil and Garden Amendments

Do you have a farm, garden or green thumb?

Pinecrest Stables is pleased to be contributing to Vancouver's Green Initiative by offering soil made from the perfect mix of naturally aged, regularly turned, hot-composted hay, pine shavings, sand and horse manure. The compost, manure and soil are free of sprays, soil additives and other such agents. This soil is made the "old-fashioned way": naturally, not artificially heat-treated, via the hot composting method. Hot composting is a heritage method of natural, chemical-free weed seed control, that nourishes rather than destroys the microbes that maintain the delicate balance needed in a healthy garden and lawn. This productive soil biome, nourished by organic nutrients and oxygen from regular turning over several months, function to create a finely aged garden soil. This dark, probiotic-rich soil is suitable for fruit, vegetable and flower beds, property front and backyard staging, topdressing lawns, and more. For those interested in the composted manure alone, Composted Manure/Pine Shavings mixture, as well as Fresh In-Aged Manure, are also available on request. To further reduce our footprint, we also sell bags of hay sweepings (or better yet, bring a bin or bags from home!) suitable for mulching overwintering flower/tree gardens, blueberries, raspberries, winter veggies and cold-frame gardens. This can be reserved with short notice. Soil for the Spring can be reserved in advance with a holding deposit and set delivery date. We welcome you to increase the health of your garden, instilling a healthy population of happy, beneficial microbes!

Contact Robyn at 604-220-2170 to inquire about pricing, delivery and reserving your garden amendments today.

Don't have a truck? No worries! Pinecrest Delivery is available to your home or business for a highly competitive rate.

Please inquire about our Discounts for bulk orders and regular/repeat orders.

Naturally aged Garden Soil and Topsoil

Our soil is made from the perfect mix of naturally aged, regularly turned, hot-composted hay, pine shavings, sand and horse manure. Replenish the health of your garden soil and lawn with naturally cultured probiotics!

Fresh Horse Manure

An excellent garden amendment to be mixed with your garden soil, dug into the soil around trees, applied to herb gardens, or fermented into "compost tea" to culture vigor into garden plants and their foliage.

Attention Mushroom Farmers: This is exactly what you have been waiting for! Quality amendment with quality service and delivery.

Hay Sweepings

A mixture of Alfalfa, Mixed Orchard and Meadow Grass and Timothy. Ideal and economical for mulching blueberries, raspberries, winter veggies, overwintering flower/tree gardens and cold-frame gardens. Can also be used in worm bins, compost bins and piles, and laying down a thick layer at the base of a new garden bed or raised garden bed prior to adding soil. Increases aeration (oxygen flow) to allow for healthy growth of soil microbes, plant roots and worms. Hay sweepings can be reserved with short notice.