Welcome to the Robyn Hunt Equestrian Program.


The Robyn Hunt Equestrian Program (RHEP) is the brainchild of Owner and Coach Robyn Hunt. It is based out of Pinecrest Stables located in Vancouver's beautiful Southlands area. It is in a prime location for its students: nestled next to the prestigious Southlands Riding Club and its many fantastic amenities. A short walk to surrounding barns and other riding rings, Pinecrest Stables also enjoys being close proximity to several horse-friendly trails.


The flexible, personalized nature of the program caters to all levels: the multiple championship equestrian, the beginning rider, the adult amateur, the returning-to-riding folk, and more. We tailor the coaching methods and lessons to address the goals, plans and current riding abilities of the client.

At Pinecrest Stables, our goal is to help you achieve yours.

Here at Pinecrest, we understand that learning is best achieved with a healthy dose of laughter and enjoyment. Make sure to pack your smile along with your helmet and boots!


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Pinecrest is a friendly, supportive boarding and training stable. For Boarding Availability, click here.

Riding should be accessible. The Fee Schedule explains the very reasonable rates.

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Joining the Robyn Hunt Equestrian Training Program can be a powerful, life-changing decision. Let us help you achieve your riding goals, whether you are starting out as an adult or teen, have a child with a heart for horses, or aspire to compete as a Hunter or Jumper internationally.

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